House Boats

One of the unique features of King's Lynn marshes are the house boats. As mentioned on the history page, the marsh was and still is  remote and far off and thus developed the tradition of staying over on the marsh so as to be able to "work the tides". The first house boats were old shrimping smacks put to good use when there fishing days had finished. House boats were once a common feature elsewhere, A. H. Paterson in his books about Breydon Water talks about them , and in fact owned one himself, and lets not forget probably the most famous house boat of all that of Kenzie Thorp. Immortalized in that wildfowling classic Kenzie The Wild Goose Man, "indecently an idea he had from the old longshore men he shot with from Lynn"

Currently 20 house boats are licensed by our landlords and the ability to use them is a source of great delight to all the wildfowlers fortunate enough to own one. to be able to sit at night with a gale blowing out side, the calor gas lights hissing, the kettle slowly steaming on the pot belly stove, a hot mug of tea in your hands with a glass of what you fancy close bye, talking with friends, the steam rising from a couple of contented dogs waiting for moonrise and hearing the odd "wink wink" of a restless goose far out on the sands, knowing you are four miles by road and two miles as the goose fly (why such a dull bird as the crow) from the nearest village is the fabric of many a true wildfowlers dream.  


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