In 1953 in a smoke filled back room of a King's Lynn public house  a group concerned local wildfowlers gathered together to worry over the future of their sport. 

Out of this meeting grew the King's Lynn & West Norfolk Wildfowlers Association. The purpose of the men that formed the Association was to promote and protect the interests of local wildfowlers and to have some degree of control over the ever increasing number of visiting gunners. Also to protect the vast array of species that, in those pre 1954 Bird Protection Act days, were their quarry. This group of like minded individuals obtained a lease from the then Norfolk Estuary Company to shoot over the vast area of sheep grazed salt marsh that then comprised the East Shore of the Wash, the majority of which in those pre universal ownership of cars days was a long, lonely walk or bike ride from anywhere.   

To glibly describe the origins of the Association does not do justice to the hours of dedicated endeavour, by a handful of working men , that were required to raise such a venture from dream to reality. It took for example two years to acquire a meaningful lease on the marsh, a lease of 20 years with an option for 10 more that gave the Association a solid foundation upon which to develop. And develop it has.

Just spare a thought for these men, Fishermen, Dockers, Green grousers and the like, leaving school at 14 without the chance to further their education. No telephone , fax, computer, internet or E-mail. Just pen, paper, a bicycle and most of all dedication & determination. We all owe these men and many like them the very existence of wildfowling clubs today.   


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